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Anonymous said: What happened w/ bourbon st?!

(Continued from the last anon question…. from my roadtrip with boyfriend Jake and friend Marc from Iowa to Florida and back.)

Well… as I said, we were in the middle of our massive road trip, coming back toward Iowa. We decided to stop at Bourbon St in the French Quarter of New Orleans just at dusk. (for those that don’t know… it’s where Mardi Gras is. Also the city of sin…. hahahaha) We parked and started to venture down Bourbon st and this┬ábelligerently drunk guy said “OHHH MAN… you NEVER wear white shoes on Bourbon St!!!!” and he just walked away…. so we ate dinner at some place and had crocodile po-boys (CROCODILE.) haha then we started walking more and this cracked out black man started walking right up next to my boyfriend and was spitting out this REALLY QUICK line saying, “I’m an honest man, I work for a living and get by. I don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal. I have a riddle for you, I can tell you the city and state where you got those shoes!!” So my boyfriend awkwardly said… “okay…?” and THE CRACKED OUT GUY WAS TALKING SOOOO FAST!!! and he said “Shooooooot boy, you got those shoes RIGHT HERE, on BOURBON ST, in NEW ORLEANS, LAAAHWEEEEEZYAAAANAAAA!!!!” and right as he was saying that he got out this tube of shoe shiner and somehow got it to land right on Jake’s shoe and the guy bent over and started shining his shoes with a rag. I didn’t realize it but this other guy started shining our friend Marc’s shoes at the same time! and then the guy quickly stood up and said “okay that’ll be FIVE for the left… aaaaaand FIVE for the right!!!!” and he then held out his hand for MONEY. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA but then…… it was really scary because there was a whole possy of street beggars that were RIPPED and started circling us, obviously until Jake and Marc paid up. Jake didn’t want any trouble so he quick got out a $20 bill to pay for 4 shoes (Marc’s and his own)…

It was INSANE. and reeeeeeallllyyyyyyyyy scary…….

Right after that the guys were PISSSSSED. hahhahhah so we ended up storming out of town right then and there. hahahhahahhahahah I was just laughing hysterically that whole night of driving… and for the rest of the roadtrip Marc and I were quoting it, and Jake never ended up thinking it was funny…. hahahhahahha

I think beggars didn’t do my shoes because I was THANKFULLY wearing flip flops. hahahha no shoes to shine on my feet.

The moral of the story is….. NEVER wear white shoes on Bourbon St. hahha (like the WASTED guy told us the first second we stepped foot onto Bourbon St.) hahhaha

Got Hustled on Bourbon St.

:) End of story time. :)


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